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The Dance Apprentice

The Dance Apprentice Pathways Course is perfect for students aged 12-14 years old who want to step into the assistant teaching role. Pathways provides the necessary skills and content to start junior teachers with the essential teacher training to support the head teacher and ensuring that their students have a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience.

Pathways consists of 4 modules:

Your Role as an Assistant Teacher
Your Role in the Classroom
Keeping your students safe
Your role on concert day

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What Our Teachers Are Saying
Hear From Students Taking Our Course
  • Annika

    Dancing with Maree
    Since starting the Dance Apprentice program this year, my confidence while teaching dance has grown significantly. I have gained valuable insights into teaching, and the program has provided useful methods and tools which I have used and know I will continue to put into practice. I have really enjoyed the experience of doing the Dance Apprentice program and would 100% recommend it to others!
  • Natalie

    I am finding the dance apprentice program very interesting and I am definitely glad that I have joined it because I have learnt quite a few things and it will help me achieve my goals later in life. Thank you so much!
  • Karley

    Prodigy Performing Arts
    The Dance Apprentice Program has been extremely beneficial to my development as a teacher. Not only has it instilled more confidence, but also given me insights into the various components surrounding teaching that are of equal, if not more importance to teaching the class. The program is easy to navigate, engaging, and has been an enjoyable experience to complete! I definitely recommend the Dance Apprentice program to all new and aspiring dance teachers!!
  • Fenna

    Action Dance Academy
    The dance apprentice program has been a fun and informative way for me to learn about all aspects of dance teaching. It has helped build my confidence as a teacher and taught me many tips and tricks to implement into my classes.